Air Testing Non-Dwellings


We pride ourselves in delivering commercial building air tightness consultancy and testing services in a professional, efficient manner with minimal disruption to you and your clients. Air Tightness Solution provide expert advice for all stages of the construction process; from the design phase to handover.

Part L2 Compliance 

Having extensive experience in the commercial sector we understand the difference in client requirements to that of the domestic sector. In the event of a pressure test failure, we can undertake both localised and full building smoke testing to identify air leakage paths, allowing a retest to be undertaken after remedial works have taken place.

We subsequently provide a full air leakage test report identifying the air permeability, leakage index achieved. All commercial building air tests are undertaken in line with ATTMA TSL2 with UKAS calibrated equipment.

Under the Building Regulation Requirements Part L 2010, Approved Document L2A 2010 requires new commercial buildings and extensions to pass an air leakage test before you’ll get building control approval. There are two exceptions:

  • Buildings with areas under 500m2. In this instance, you can assume air permeability of 15 m3.h-1.m-2 @ 50Pa providing the Target carbon dioxide emission rate (TER) is achieved using the National Calculation Methodology.
  • Some non-domestic buildings where air testing isn’t feasible for an entire structure. Examples include large, complex buildings, high-rise and multi-storey structures, and multi-occupancy residential buildings.

Whatever your commercial air leakage testing concerns, our knowledge and experience can help your project be more successful and achieve the targets that have been set. We can offer a range of services including pre-site inspections and desktop drawing reviews to support you through all stages of the build process.

If you want to find out more about commercial non-domestic air testing, or simply need some expert advice, we’d be delighted to help.