Consultancy & Design Reviews


Air Tightness Solutions help at all stages of the construction project, from design reviews of architectural drawings, specifying airtightness test areas, through to on-site inspections during the construction phase.

  • CPD training seminars on air-tightness and sound insulation 
  • Liaison with Building Control Officer
  • Drawing reviews
  • Site inspections
  • Sample area air-tightness testing

Designers through to the site subcontractors need to know what makes a building inherently airtight and sound proof identifying where leakage paths and noise transition are likely to occur, allowing them to be designed-out or sealed effectively.

Air Tightness Solutions provide Consultancy Services including:

Drawing Reviews:
A comprehensive review carried out by an experienced air tightness consultant who studies and comments on the relevant drawn details.

Design Meetings:
A simple but effective method for interrogating the air tightness strategy and key design details in the presence of relevant members of the project team onsite.

CPD Training Seminars:
Short training presentations aimed at both designers and construction staff, which can prove invaluable in raising awareness among those most able to influence the buildings air tightness.

Liaison with Building Control Officer:
Consultation with the Building Control Officer when determining the air tightness test areas in large and complex builds or builds with phased handovers, allows a transparent plan to be established.

Site Inspections: 
A series of Site Inspections with detailed reports throughout the relevant construction phase can prove to be an effective way of achieving your air tightness goals. Highlighting problematic areas to be addressed well before the air tightness test can avoids costly remedial works and increases the likelihood of the build staying within its timeline.

Pre-Test Inspections: 
An inspection, prior to the test, which will scrutinise the air barrier details throughout the building and record all observations to be conveyed in a detailed report, allowing outstanding works to be addressed before the air tightness test.

Sample Area Testing: 
A sample test carried out on a representative area to give an indication of how the whole building will perform and what the key air-leakage issues will b