Air Tightness Solutions

About Us

Air Tightness Solutions are experts in building sustainability, compliance with building regulations, and testing for air tightness (or airtightness).

We’re helping the building sector reach those all important CO2 emissions targets by 2025, reduce air leakage and tackle sound pollution.

Air Tightness Solutions provides building contractors with all the air tightness and acoustic requirements for their project to comply with Part L and Part E of the Building Regulations. We provide advice on all aspects of building sustainability performance within buildings and enclosures, to ensure that your targets are achieved.

As well as new builds, are involved in increasing the efficiency of the existing housing stock and are particularly enthusiastic when working on Refurbishment projects.

At Air Tightness Solutions we strive to deliver professional independent consultancy and testing with enthusiasm, passion and a genuine commitment to the customer and the environment. Air Tightness Solutions is large enough to serve every size of business, yet not so large that it cannot be flexible and adaptable to individual client needs at a competitive price.

All certified Test Engineers are accredited by ATTMA and all testing is undertaken inline with ATTMA Technical Standards with UKAS calibrated equipment.

We support contractors and builders in achieving compliance with building regulations across air leakage and sound levels, through airtightness testing, sound insulation testing, and consultancy. Talk to us at the start of your build and we can help you ensure your plans are up to standard before you even start.