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Noise Sensitive Premises Assessment BS 8233

BS 8233
specifies the control of noise from outside the building, noise from plant and services within it, and room acoustics for non-critical situations.

Where applications contain noise sources that may have an impact upon existing noise sensitive uses, the applicant will be required to provide supporting information that will allow this impact to be evaluated. For the purposes of this document, Noise Sensitive Premises is defined as places where the building’s occupiers may be resting, sleeping or studying. This includes residential premises, offices, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

  • Noise sources including:
  • Internal and external plant
  • Air extraction/conditioning
  • Industrial activities
  • Construction/demolition work
  • Delivery of goods or refuse collection
    Transportation within a premises

Should be assessed using guidelines contained within this section. Where the potential for noise disturbance exists, a noise impact assessment should be carried out at the façade of the closest noise sensitive premises to demonstrate that a Comparative Criterion has been met: Recommended Maximum sound levels should be based upon a Comparative Criterion:  The Rating Level (calculated in accordance to BS 4142: 2014) is at least 10 dB below the existing Ambient noise level (LAeq); The Rating Level (calculated in accordance to BS 4142: 2014) is at least 0-5 * dB below the exiting Background noise level (LA90); Between the hours of 19:00 and 07:00, the maximum noise levels (LAFmax) from the guidance document shall not exceed the LA90 by more than 10 dB; however, where the existing background noise level is 45 dB LA90 or less, the maximum noise levels shall not exceed 60 dB LAFmax. Assessment methodology and evaluation shall normally follow the guidance in BS 4142: 2014, ‘Method for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound’.

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