Q: At what stage should we schedule a Domestic Air test? Pressure test? Permeability test?

A: Air testing is typically performed post second fix. With the following criteria having being completed:

• All service penetrations sealed
• Trickle vents installed
• Loft access hatch in place
• Plumbing complete with water in the traps
• Seals fitted on external doors
• Electrical outlets fitted

Q: At what stage should we schedule a Commercial Air test? Pressure test? Permeability test?

A: As soon as the building shell has been completed and/or at Fit Out an air test can be undertaken, once all service penetrations have been completed. All mechanical ventilation openings must be temporary sealed prior to the air test.

Q: What is your typical response time for air testing and consultancy services?

A: We aim to undertake tests within 72h of an order

Q: What do we need to prepare for your Domestic air testing on site?

A: Access to the dwelling and power, 110V or 240V.

Q: Does the building have to be empty for the air test?

A: No, other trades can be working in the dwelling during the air test as long as no windows or external doors are opened.

Q: Will the air testing damage any of the internal finishes?

A: No.

Q: How long does an air test take?

A: An air test usually takes no longer that 1hr to complete

Q: Will we know whether we have passed or failed at the time of air test?

A: Yes, as soon as the air test has been completed.

Q: If we fail to reach our target can you advise us on the required remedial works?

A: Yes, we will always provide advice to help you achieve your target and can provide further assistance to identify where remedial work need to be undertaken

Q: How many Domestic air tests can you perform in a day?

A: We can perform up to 8 domestic air tests a day provided all the dwellings pass and no further investigatory work is required

Q: How long will it take to receive our air test certificate(s)?

A: Test certificates are supplied within 72hrs

Q: What should we do for a whole building smoke test?

A: Empty the building of trade and inform the fire brigade.