Air Tightness Solutions


Air testing is typically performed post second fix. With the following criteria having being completed:

• All service penetrations sealed
• Trickle vents installed
• Loft access hatch in place
• Plumbing complete with water in the traps
• Seals fitted on external doors
• Electrical outlets fitted

As soon as the building shell has been completed and/or at Fit Out an air test can be undertaken, once all service penetrations have been completed. All mechanical ventilation openings must be temporary sealed prior to the air test.

We aim to undertake tests within 72h of an order

Access to the dwelling and power, 110V or 240V.

No, other trades can be working in the dwelling during the air test as long as no windows or external doors are opened.

An air test usually takes no longer that one hour to complete.

Yes, as soon as the air test has been completed.

Yes, we will always provide advice to help you achieve your target and can provide further assistance to identify where remedial work need to be undertaken

We can perform up to 8 domestic air tests a day provided all the dwellings pass and no further investigatory work is required

Test certificates are supplied within 72 hours.

Empty the building of trade and inform the fire brigade.