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Sound Insulation Testing Oxfordshire

Sound insulation tests are required at the pre-completion stage of building works in order to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations. Air Tightness Solutions are a UKAS accredited company for pre-completion testing in Oxfordshire and offer the highest level of service and expertise for achieving Part E compliance, working closely with our clients to give the best possible chance of achieving a pass certificate first time round. We provide sound insulation services in Oxfordshire, which is delivered within 72 hours of your order.

Sound Insulation Solutions in Oxford

We conduct sound insulation testing in Oxfordshire to achieve Part E compliance certification. Sound insulation testing or pre-completion testing must be carried out on new build properties as well as converted properties. A property will either require an Airborne test or an Airborne and Impact test. Airborne tests are carried out on all separating walls between habitable rooms of flats and houses. Airborne and Impact tests are carried out on the separating floors between habitable rooms of flats.

When choosing a sound insulation testing company, you should ensure that your supplier has UKAS accreditation. Air Tightness Testing are UKAS accredited contractors for pre-completion testing, with years of experience conducting sound insulation testing in Oxfordshire.

Why Choose Air Tightness Solutions Oxfordshire?

Air Tightness Solutions are industry experts, offering you robust, fair, and high value services to ensure you meet your regulatory requirements in Oxfordshire. 

  • Combined experience of over 50 years – we’re experts in air tightness, sound insulation, and acoustic testing
  • UKAS accredited for pre-completion testing – both our business and our equipment are UKAS tested and accredited
  • On-site certification and same-day retesting
  • Building sustainability expertise
  • One-stop shop for your pre-completion testing requirements
  • Experienced, accredited engineers

Air Tightness Solutions provides building contractors with all the air tightness and acoustic requirements for their project to comply with Part L and Part E of the Building Regulations in Oxfordshire. We provide advice on all aspects of building sustainability performance within buildings and enclosures, to ensure that your targets are achieved.

As well as new builds, we are involved in increasing the efficiency of the existing housing stock and are particularly enthusiastic when working on Refurbishment projects.

Sound Insulation Testing in Oxfordshire

"A very helpful and professional team. Air Tightness Solutions went above and beyond to help us with our family development over the last 3 months and I would highly recommend Air Tightness Solutions. See you on the next project. Thanks again!"

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