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Thermographic Survey Checklist

How to get a Thermographic Survey on your home

Whether you are a homeowner or a large scale property manager, a Thermographic Survey should be on your annual list of things to do. Air Tightness Solutions offers a cost-effective and accurate Thermographic Survey for any type of residential building. A Thermographic Survey is a lot more than just the rainbow photograph of your house, it can prevent electrical fires, drafts and save energy. 

What is a Thermographic Survey

We all want our homes to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, despite this very few homeowners and landlords take the necessary steps to achieve an energy-saving home. Our thermographic survey or thermal imaging survey produces a detailed photograph report to show the thermal performance of the building. 


A Thermographic Survey is the most accurate method of recording the thermal properties of a building. You will be able to see where you’re experiencing the most heat loss in your home. As well as any abnormalities in heat. The information from a thermal imaging survey can be used to make improvements to your energy costs as well as find any air leakage and heat loss for BREEAM credits

When analysing the home in a Thermographic Survey we can also spot any sources of damp or water ingress. Consequently, you can easily solve a leaking roof or leaks in underfloor heating after we find the source. 

Thermographic Survey Procedure

In simple terms, a Thermographic Survey is conducted by taking a photograph with a thermal imaging camera. By detecting infrared light, the cameras can recognize and capture the different levels of heat from the exterior of your home. 

The infrared lighting is usually invisible to the human eye but the thermal imaging camera has the ability to capture the differing amounts of heat. After, the camera records the temperature and will allocate a pixel in the appropriate colour. Bright colours (such as red, orange and yellow) indicate that there is more heat in these areas. The opposite is the darker purples, blues and black indicate colder temperatures because there is less infrared radiation at these points. 

These Thermographic Surveys are a powerful tool for diagnosing typical weaknesses in the thermal integrity of a building.  Air Tightness Solutions undertakes Thermographic Surveys to BS EN 13187:1999 and BRE Report 176. Thermographic surveys for BREEAM credits are undertaken by a Level 2 thermography certified surveyor.

The Advantages of Home Thermal Imaging

The benefits of a thermal imaging survey are integral to keeping the building’s fabric strong. They are usually a requirement for most homes for the following reasons, to:

  •  Assist in diagnosing suspect problems with the building fabric.
  • Identify potential improvements to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the construction specification on newly constructed buildings.

We can analyse and see if there is any damp in your property and what the source of the problem is, whether that be a leaking pipe in the ceiling or broken underfloor heating. Moreover, the Thermographic Survey can identify electrical problems in a home that could’ve caused an electrical fire. Therefore, Thermal Imaging Surveys don’t only benefit your pocket but also prevent disasters in your home.

Surveys are necessary for any homeowner and you should seek one out annually. Our precise results can measure temperatures to 0.1°C with full-colour images and a detailed report.


Thermographic surveys give more than just a cool picture, they can benefit your pocket as well as the planet. To find out more about our services, explore our website or contact us.

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